Sunday, December 29, 2013

Second Chance Homestead

Hi, I'm Margo and I live in Upstate New York, in the middle of the city of Rochester. I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you the story of how I came to create the Second Chance Homestead.

Some people have called me stubborn (my mom, my spouse, yep... even my kids) but I'm not really. I just need to learn things the hard way! I grew up with a dietitian posing as my mother and we had totally balanced meals for every dinner, salad included. I have always been a lover of all foods that are not really good for you... yes, I mean salad. I also mean vegetables, multi grain 'super foods', etc. I love bread, potatoes, pasta and of course dessert!
This past October was a difficult month for me. Leading up, throughout the summer I found I had less and less energy, needed a nap every evening after work, and couldn't get enough to drink. Now, when I tell you that the last 3 weeks in October I couldn't drink enough... it was a wicked thirst!

I will tell you that I diagnosed myself, but my spouse will tell you a different story. 
Right - I didn't want to hear what she had to say, so once again I went the hard way.
I wasn't able to see my doctor until the last week of the month, so I consulted my local pharmacy. I was given a blood glucose testing kit, and my first result was a very abnormal 470! For those that don't know, normal glucose runs around 80 to 125. When I saw my doctor on 10/29 he told me I was highly diabetic. For those in the know, my A1C was an astonishing 10.

The first thing I did was cry, the second thing was to realize that I was scared to death. I went straight from there to total panic, because I had NO clue what to eat!

I'm a huge believer in posting just about anything on facebook - eek - so I began telling anyone that cared to read about it.

My cousin kept responding but all she would say was: "Eat Paleo"  Well! I've never heard of Paleo, didn't know where to buy it, or if I could even find it, how to cook it! 
Being the wise person I am, I finally asked her, and I ended up reading  The Paleo Solution It has changed my life and led me onto a path that is giving me a second chance to live life not only to its fullest, but in an entirely different way then this city girl has ever lived before.

Our home has seen many lifestyles in it's 100+ years, it's housed a grocery store, restaurant, cobbler, ice cream factory, and most recently a dog grooming shop. But it has never seen what is about to happen...

I hope you will join me as I learn how to build a chicken coop to house the 4 chickens --that I know nothing about, but have always thought would be fun to have - we plan to purchase in the spring, along with the raised garden beds I hope to create so I can grow, and somehow, preserve our own vegetables.

These things along with fermented foods and drinks (what??..eww she said at first), a greener lifestyle, and if I can talk my darling into it, a goat, should all prove to be a wild ride for this simple city grandma of 3. My family will never believe this!

A BIG shout out to Melissa at Ever Growing Farm for her thoughtful kindness in directing me to the correct blog site for a beginner, and sharing needed info on blogger etiquette!


  1. Hey Margo, just read your comment on Timber Creek Farm. I've been paleo for two and a half years now, and it has worked great for me. Made the move after a very bad gall bladder attack. Also looking at a lifestyle change after a move to a small log constructed home on 15 acres (13 bush, 2 cleared). Hope to start keeping chickens in the Spring!! Good look with your new adventures.

  2. I read some posts above that I didn't see before. I guess I'm going backwards. Can't wait for the next installment.