Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year of New Beginnings!

Happy New Year everyone!

I thought today I would share a bit about where we live and what I hope to get accomplished this year. First some history:

We live in the middle of an upstate city on a corner double lot, in what has been home to Dusty's family since 1940. This old homestead started out as a farmhouse before the area was converted into neighborhoods. My in laws were very much an entrepreneurial family.
                            This view shows the side where the store was

The house was converted from a large single home to a home with an upstairs apartment, and a grocery store attached to the corner side. That later became a small restaurant, where ice cream made in the factory on the other side of the house, was served. Today that factory is a 2 car garage. When we first took over the home 14 years ago, there was a small enclosed room off the living room that I turned into a grooming shop. Prior to that, the room had been a cobblers shop and then a small bedroom. We have since removed a wall and enlarged our living room. We still have a rental unit upstairs.

So that brings me to my desire to homestead here where our ancestors gather, and the goals we have set for the coming year.

The first and foremost goal is chickens! There is a small shed attached to the side of the garage that we need to do some repair on, and then we plan to build an attached chicken coop to the back side of it. That will shelter our future 4 chickens on two sides against what can be severely cold and windy weather here. In my research about chickens, I have found several great sites with information, such as this page from Ever Growing Farm, and, of course, the chicks. California Hatchery will allow you to purchase a minimum of 3 chicks.

Second on my list is to build at least one large raised garden bed. I want to grow, harvest and preserve our food. There are several reasons behind this, most importantly because I want to know our food is healthy and not full of insecticides. In preparation for my garden, I have been searching seed companies. Harris Seeds is local to me and offers online mail orders. Check them out for organic, treated or untreated seeds, veggies, herbs and flowers. 

All of this brings me to my final big goal of the year: Learning how to can, pickle, ferment and store all the food!  I did some canning in my youth with my mom, but will need to relearn this since that was ages ago.

In keeping with a first on the first, this morning I put together my first batch of Kombucha, and my first batch of water kefir. I can't wait to see how they turn out!
As I speak about kombucha, which is a fermented tea, I wonder what kinds of tea you drink?

Click Here to read more!
The above article from Food Babe may make you think twice about drinking any non-organic brands!

Wishing you all there is in the New Year!



  1. Coming along well. Very interesting.

  2. Hello from Timber Creek Farm. I am glad you left your blog name when you commented on my recent post about beginning homesteading. You are well on your way, as I surely consider homesteading a state of mind! Please keep in touch. I will stop back often.

  3. I'm so glad you shared - what wonderful history you are about to revive! Best wishes and I am going to follow your journey :)